What is proxy server?

In simple English terms every time that you visit a website online, your identity is visible. Although this may be hard to understand it is actually quite a simple scenario. Each computer has its own unique address which is specific to that computer alone.

You can think of it like a pysical address for your house, although this is an address for your computer. Every time that you go to a website the website which you are connecting with, is able to see your address. This is not always a good idea and it can cause many risk factors for a variety of different reasons.

It may seem complicated at first but once you are able to get your head around the concept, it is actually quite easy to understand. If you speak to somebody who uses a proxy they will very easily be able to explain the benefits to you, as well as how it works. If you have the opportunity to see somebody use a proxy, you will soon discover how simple it really is.

Many people choose to make use of something called a proxy service, which is like another computer that serves as a medium for all your internet requests. This works by your computer connecting to the proxy server as a reliable medium. You can think of a proxy server as the middle man between your computer and the site which are visiting. The proxy server acts as a go between.

People make use of proxy services for a variety of different reasons. In fact the list of reasons can be almost endless. In terms of computer security it is safer to make use of a proxy server. The proxy will act as a gateway between the local network and the larger network of the site you are visiting.