What is a proxy server?

Lets look at the basics of making use of a proxy server. In order for you to fully understand the concept it is best to understand things from the very beginning. A proxy server is just a way to ensure that your internet requests goes to a middle man. If it were not for a proxy server the identity of your computer would be fully disclosed and available for everybody to see.

The truth is that a proxy server can be extremely useful in all sorts of different situations. In terms of computer security todays a proxy can help to enhance computer security. In an office and corporate environment it is common practise to make use of a proxy in order to maintain high levels of confidentiality and anonymity when it comes to the use of company information. In order to secure high end corporate information and sensitive details with regard to clients and other secure details of the business, a proxy server will come in very useful.

There are verious types of proxy servers and it is important to understand that not everyone is the same. Although they work in a very similar manner there are variations. Some of the proxy servers may include the high anonymity proxy, the revser proxy, the transparent Proxy and the anonymous Proxy amongst others. Each one is used for a different purpose and has a different set of benefits depending on what is it being used for.

When it comes to the actual setting up of a proxy server it is not as complicated as you may think. Although it may sound very complicated the truth is that with a few simple steps it is actually quite an easy thing to set up and get going. Many people learn how to set up a proxy server simply by watching videos online or by asking their more technicaly inclined friends for help.